The Department of Arabic Language was established with the establishment of the College of Fundamentals of Religion in 1964.


Department Vision

The department believes that the Arabic language is an identity for its speakers, and a link that unites them and distinguishes them from the rest of the world. Therefore, the department seeks to serve this language and take care of it and publish its rules. To remain alive in what the tongues say and what the pens say, and to remain a vessel for thought and science to be preserved and cared for over time.

Department Message

The department seeks to graduate generations fluent in the Arabic language, and possessing research and professional skills that enable them to effectively contribute to the development of society.
Department Objectives:
  1. Developing the spirit of pride in the Arabic language.
  2. To develop students linguistic and literary skills.
  3. Careful attention to the language of the dear revelation, as it is a heavenly religious message, and a national goal that raises the status of the Arab people, as a national message, and the first thing by which nations are known is their language.
  4. Upgrading the level of professional and research instructors.
  5. The conscious linkage between the ancient and the modern, by understanding the linguistic and literary heritage that the ancients left us, then seeing the contributions made by the modernists in the fields of language and literature and their daughter and teaching methods to benefit from all of them in re-reading our heritage with a new vision.