The Department of Dental Medicine was established in the University’s College of Fundamentals of Religion in the academic year 2012-2013. The duration of study in the department is five years, during which the graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in oral and dental medicine and surgery.

Department Vision

Preparing highly qualified and distinguished dentists, advancing scientific research, holding training courses that contribute to the service of the patient and society at the local and international levels, and supporting teaching staff by encouraging them to conduct scientific research and publishing it in sober international journals.
Department Objectives:
  1. Preparing specialized staff in the field of dentistry aimed at serving patients in hospitals and health centers.
  2. Contributing to the health of society by developing work in the field of dentistry in what suits our society.
  3. The graduate who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery shall contribute to the preparation of the necessary programs and plans and their health implementation, by making use of the expertise of specialists.
  4. Encouraging medical and health research in the field of dentistry.
  5. Filling the urgent needs and desires of this specialty, especially in our dear country, which is growing healthily, intellectually and socially.
  6. Supporting hospitals and health centers by providing specialized and experienced staff.
  7. Holding annual scientific conferences and continuing education seminars to develop the department scientifically.