The Media Department was established in the Asoul Al-deen University College, according to the book of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on 10/23/2016, with morning and evening shifts, the academic year 2019-2020 witnessed the graduation of its first batch.
The Department of Media includes a group of well-known media professors at the level of media teaching in Iraqi universities, as well as a number of lecturers with professional and journalistic experience and media professionals devoted to teaching and training in the department.


Department Vision

Pioneering and distinguished outputs in the field of Islamic studies locally and regionally.
Department Message
Rehabilitation of distinguished competencies in Islamic studies in learning, education, scientific research and community service to preserve the authentic values ​​and consolidate patriotism, spread tolerance and openness to the other who is different intellectually and ideologically, and spread the culture of dialogue and acceptance of the other.

Department Objectives:

  1. Organizing the media process and developing skills and knowledge resources.
  2. Provide the communicators with the scientific and professional skills that achieve the ability to think, criticize, investigate and analyze in the media.
  3. Achieve the ability to write and the power of descriptive and analytical expression.
  4. The ability to use modern communication technology and its media and informational use.
  5. Operating digital television and press cameras.
  6. Working on design, press production, press and media editing devices.


Informational teaching curricula

The department students receive intensive media training in the computer laboratories of the college daily, and there are summer training for the second and third stages in media institutions, radio, television and news agencies, as well as field visits to media institutions and scientific trips to enhance the theoretical side of the media.
The department contributes to giving its students books facilitating an official mission to review the various institutions and departments to conduct interviews and press investigations, and the department also contributes to personally contacting all community institutions to coordinate with them to complete the tasks of training their students.