The Department of Pharmacy was established in the Asoul Aldeen University College in the academic year 2014-2015.

Department Vision

Building an educational and research institution that advances the health and medical reality in Iraq and constitutes a scientific and research nucleus in community service at the local and international level by providing a safe university environment committed to sound social and ethical values ​​and principles, and where justice and equality prevail.

Department Message

Number of pharmacists with distinguished competence through adopting the highest standards in pharmaceutical education and training, and upgrading scientific research and pharmaceutical applications to contribute to the development of pharmaceutical services aimed at serving the patient and society at the local and international level.
Department Objectives:
The Department of Pharmacy at the University College of Fundamentals of Religion seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Providing the community with pharmacists with scientific competence and high professional ethics.
  2. Developing pharmaceutical services, and participating in health events, to contribute to improving reality Health and medical in Iraq.
  3. Providing students with the requirements that enable them to pursue higher studies in the fields of pharmacy Different.
  4. Organizing scientific conferences, seminars, seminars and applied research in the field of pharmacy.
  5. Providing and developing programs for continuous pharmaceutical education and expanding professional interaction with pharmacists.
  6. Developing the pharmaceutical education and training process through continuous improvement and modernization For academic curricula and programs.
  7. Encouraging faculty members to conduct creative scientific research that contributes to developing The pharmaceutical industry and community service at the local and international level.
  8. Supporting the pharmaceutical education quality management system.
  9. Supporting other activities that contribute to building the students personality.