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About the college


Providing a supportive educational environment to provide comprehensive, high-quality education and preparing solid scientific cadres with extensive experience and capable of developing society.


Global leadership and excellence in building a knowledge society, providing distinguished education and producing creative research that serves society


Adopting the academic system and curricula that achieve the solid scientific level that characterizes international institutions

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The University College of Osol Aldeen is considered one of the best private colleges in Iraq. The University College of Fundamentals of Religion is distinguished by its distinguished location in central Baghdad, its teaching staff, and its modern structure.

Baghdad / Bab Al-Muadham

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Baghdad Pharmacy

College of Health Technology

Mustansiriya law

Raising Ibn Rushd

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Administration and economy of Baghdad

Osol Aldeen university

Address: Iraq / Baghdad / Bab Al-Muadham / Bab Al-Muadham Colleges Complex
Phone: 07810402228
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