The Department of Islamic Studies was established in the year 1964 AD with the establishment of AsoulAl-deen University College

Department Vision

Pioneering and distinguished outputs in the field of Islamic studies locally and regionally.

Department Message

Rehabilitation of distinguished competencies in Islamic studies in learning, education, scientific research and community service to preserve the authentic values ​​and consolidate patriotism, spread tolerance and openness to the other who is different intellectually and ideologically, and spread the culture of dialogue and acceptance of the other.

Department Objectives:

  1. Providing the community with qualified scientific competencies in the field of Islamic studies.
  2. Developing students skills according to the needs of practical life.
  3. Enriching the program with academically and professionally qualified members.
  4. Promote scientific research in Islamic studies and employ it to deal with new developments.
  5. Activating scientific partnerships with the competent authorities in society.
  6. Inculcating the concepts of Islamic identity and its legitimate values, and consolidating patriotism.