A.M.D. Abbas Kazem A mensaf  Ali Al – Saadi

A.M.D. Abbas Kazem A mensaf  Ali Al – Saadi



Full Name : A.M.D. Abbas Kazem A mensaf  Ali Al – Saadi

Birth :Baghdad / 1957

Date of first appointment :1979/9/24

Cerrificates :

1-Post-prep diploma from Teachers Institute /Baghdad 1979.

2-Bachelor of Arts/Department of Arabic Languge /College of Arts at Al –Mustansiriya University 1991.

3-Master 0f Rhetoric/College of Arts at Al Mustansiriya University 1986 .

4-Doctorate in Rhetoric /College of Education /Al Mustansiriya University 1995.


Jobs you held:

1-Teacher from 1979/9/24 until 1986/9/1  .

2-Teacher from 1986/9/1 until 1991/9/1  .

3-Teacher at Teachers, Institutes from 1991/9/1 until 2013/5/7  .

4-Teacher at Al –Mamoun College from 1993/10/1 until 2016  .

5-Lecturer at the Islamic University (Iraqi University ) from 1994/10/1 until 1997/6/25  .

6-Secondment of services at Al –Mamoun University College and the presidency of Arabic Language Department from 1996/3/26 until 2000/12/1  .

7-A ssistant Dean of Al Mamoun University College from 1998/10/1 until 2000/12/1 and acting dean.

8-Discussion of master ,s theses .

9-Scientific Supervision of literature and grammar books in Teachers, Institutes was commissioned by the General Directorate of curricula in the ministry of Education from 1993/10/1 until 1994/6/1 .

10-Scientific (linguistic) Supervision of master s, and doctoral theses .

11-Scientific (Language) supervision of General Directorate of vocational      Education from 2008/10/1 until 2016 .

12-Scientific (linguistic) supervision of the magazine of Al –Mamoun University College for two years .


Courses you participated in:

1-A course on methods of teaching the English language at the development Institute for one month 1983/7/1 .

2-A one –month course on methods of teaching the Arabic language at the development Institute on 1990/6/1 .

3-A two –week general teaching methods course on 1993/8/4 .

4-A course on teaching methods to prepare teaching staff for courses for one month on 1995/7/5 .

5-A three –week teaching methods course on 1997/6/3 .

6-Educational qualification course in teaching methods , Colleage of Education (Ibn Rushd) for the period from 2009/3/1 .

7-computer course for Scientific promotions in the college of Education (Ibn Rushd) for the period 2015/3/15 until 2015/3/15 .

8-Computer course for the period from 2015/4/1 until 2015/30/4 .

9-The course of teaching methods that was held by the college of Education (Ibn Rushd) at Al –Mamoun University college for the period 1/3 to 2015/3/31

10-Computer course for  1/4  to 2015/4/30 .

11-Lectures on development and enrichment courses held by the Arabic language Department at the General Directorate of Teachers, Numbers , Training and Educational Development since 2013 .

13-The number of leaders course in Amman 0n 2015/10/10 .

14-Course (ToT) at the national center on 2016/5/2 for 14 days .

15-Department Managers course in Amman on 2017/6/3 for 14 days .

16-The number of coaches course in Erbil on 2021/4/2 for a period of 14 days.


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