Aqeel Fadhel Jawad al-Zubaidi

Aqeel Fadhel Jawad al-Zubaidi

Full name : Aqeel Fadhel Jawad al-Zubaidi
Place and date of birth : Baghdad 25-6-1971
Nationality : Iraqi
Religion : Muslim
Social status : Married
Academic achievement : PHD
General specialty : media
Specialization : Public Relations
Donor : University of Baghdad _ college of Mass Communication
Grant Date : 28-3-2018
Academic title : Teacher
Grant Date : 23-4-2019
Donor : Osoul aldeen University College
Training courses : computer , English language , blended education ,
Teaching methods , Developing academic skills from global sites ,
Scientific fraud and detection of non-relevant journals indexed
within the scope of scopus , Performance appraisal from
requirements , University scientific promotions .
Workplace : teacher in Osoul aldeen University College
Date of work : 26-6-2018
Membership : ــ Member of the national council for accreditation of
media colleges programs
ــ Member of the Iraqi journalists syndicate
ــ Member of the union of arab journalists
ــ Member of the international federation of journalists
E-mail : iq
Telephone number : 07709766300
Home adress : Baghdad – Palestine street

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